Clunes, Victoria, Australia

Bio: So much to say and so little to admit to. Opened a small over whelming business of about 2 customers earlier in the year to copy peoples deterioating VHS tapes to DVD, photo scanning, production with a Sony HD camera and iPhone4s if needing a second angle live footage. I get told that I'm probably ten years too late for this, but in actual fact there is a fellow close_by apparently six months back tracked in worked. I haven't actually located him or know if I want to or not and let things just go by slowly. I've recently put in an option of putting their movies onto Flash Drive considering that most or all new units these days have the USB slots for this. Don't be afraid of me from being a Mac user, I just feel sorry for those who aren't. I have the 2011 iMac with SSD drive and a massive 16GB of Ram, why? Because the price was good at the time. And confess, I do have Windows7 on the machine running through Parallels that I use at times, but not that much, but admit I don't mind it. WAY better then (cough) XP. I use to tell people to go back to '95 if they wanted to use Windogs. I may update this sometime, but not really sure who would be browsing users profiles on a site like this?

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